Permanent wants post - Beast Trio

This is an entry with list of items I'm searching for. It was made to help me keep a track of my collections.

-shipping to Poland (Europe),
-I would prefer all items to be as mint as possible with all the insterts, tags, boxes and foils,
-feel free to offer me things that aren't listed here,
-I'm also interested in merchandise from the "Spell of Unown" movie (but NOT the "Pikachu and Pichu" short movie!), even if it doesn't have Entei featured,
-items that are missing from a set have the highest priority (if I have only two Beasts, the third one is a high want!)
-if any of the photos if yours and you want it to be deleted/credited please let me know!

What I don't collect:
-loose pages (Pokedex pages cutouts, comics pages, magazines cutouts),
-stickers that have been cut out from bigger sheets (stickers that were distributed as loose are fine!),
-game pieces (puzzle pieces, tiles from "learn kana" games, loose cards from board games, etc),
-Chinese custom manufactured sculptures,
-items that have many Pokemon pictured where Beasts are not a main focus (with some exceptions)