Permanent wants post - Beast Trio

This is an entry with list of items I'm searching for. It was made to help me keep a track of my collections.

This list is a mess at the moment - please contact me directly in case if you are selling anything Beast-themed

-shipping to Poland (Europe),
-I would prefer all items to be as mint as possible,
-feel free to offer me things that aren't listed here,
-I'm also interested in merchandise from "Spell of Unown" movie (but NOT the "Pikachu and Pichu" short movie!), even if it doesn't have Entei pictured,
-a “*” next to an item means that this is my Grail,
-items such as TCG accesories and cards have low priority,
-items that are missing from a set have highest priority (if I have only two Beasts, the third one is a high want!)
-photos with white background are taken from, photos with pink background are from,
-if any of the photos if yours and you want it to be deleted/credited please let me know!

What I don't collect:
-loose pages (for example pokedex pages cutouts),
-stickers that have been cut out from bigger sheets (stickers that were distributed as loose are fine!),
-game pieces (puzzle pieces, tiles from "learn kana" games, loose cards from board games, etc),
-bootlegs (unless have interesting design, are second hand, and you're offering them for free),
-Chinese custom manufactured sculptures (Poke Studios, Poke Stars, etc),
-items that have many Pokemon pictured, with only small image of Beasts. However, if Beast are in the center of an image, or are accompanied by up to five Pokemon, then it's fine.

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